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As part of the Asylum and Human Rights Clinic at UConn Law, 20 law students participate in an intensive program and handle every aspect involved in representing asylum cases.

UConn rejoins the Big East

In returning to the Big East Conference, UConn rekindles the basketball rivalries, traditions, and excitement of the past.

Meet UConn’s new president

Tom Katsouleas, UConn’s new president, is amiable, smart, and literally can save your life. A plasma scientist and engineer with deep roots in research and academics, he’s also a former Los Angeles County lifeguard and an All-American swimmer.

Researchers discover trigger for severe allergies

The findings of a team of scientists from UConn Health, Jackson Laboratory, and the Yale School of Medicine could lead to a new way to prevent or reduce life-threatening allergic reactions.

UConn’s new crop of Fulbright Scholars

12 UConn students and alums have been honored by the U.S. Fulbright Program.

Support UConn where it’s needed most: undergraduate and graduate education, research initiatives, multicultural affairs, and more.

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