Meet the Newest Members of the UConn Alumni Family

The class of 2019 is the latest addition to the UConn Alumni pack, but many of these students have already felt the impact of UConn Nation.

Ben Morneault

Benjamin Morneault ’19

Major: Management with an Entrepreneurship Concentration, with a minor in Analytics

Scholarships: University of Connecticut Presidential Scholarship; Mark E. Freitas Scholarship; Michael L. Daversa Entrepreneurial Award; Daversa Senior Entrepreneurship Award

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you? 

“I would not be where I am today without the generous scholarships I received from UConn donors. Easing my financial burden allowed me to focus on my education and extracurricular activities, such as helping start-up a cancer diagnostics company, instead of stressing about how to pay my college expenses. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity!”

Kathrine Grant

Kathrine Grant ’19

Major: English and Secondary English Education

Scholarships: Academic Excellence Scholarship; Holster First Year Scholar’s Grant; Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship; Group IDEA Grant.

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you?

“Knowing that I had the financial support that the award provides allowed me to more intentionally use my time to pursue research and extracurricular and curricular opportunities. I have been able to invest my time in several different programs on and off of campus that have greatly benefitted me as an individual as a professional in part because I did not have to worry about either working or the financial stress of taking out significant loans to support myself throughout college.”

James Keth

James Keth ’19

Major: Fine arts, with a minor in Biology

Scholarships: Leadership Scholarship, University of Connecticut Fine Arts Talent Scholarship, Cynthia Reeves Watercolor Scholarship

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you?

Both my parents are refugees from Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge genocide and I am very fortunate for all of their hard work in allowing my brother, sister, and me to live comfortably, despite them coming to America with nothing. Education, however, is still very expensive and it is not something we can just afford. We three kids all are or are going to be in college. Being a scholarship recipient not only helped me and my parents but also indirectly helps my brother and sister seek higher education.”

The Power of Scholarships

Scholarships make dreams happen at UConn. Support the success of students like Benjamin, Kathrine, and James with a gift to the UConn Scholarship Fund.

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