Six People You Need to Meet at a UConn Alumni Event

The Established Professional

These Huskies have been in the workforce a while. And if they aren’t already a master of their industry, they will be soon enough. Whether it’s general life advice or more career-focused conversation, just think of all the knowledge that you can tap into.

The Recent Graduate

These Huskies are feeling the reality that we all know too well: it’s not always easy to make new friends post-grad – especially in a new city. But we can’t think of a better way to meet your new bestie than by attending an event where everyone is guaranteed to bleed blue.

The Die-Hard Husky Fan

If you missed last night’s game, have no fear…this Husky can give you the full play-by-play. They’re laser-focused on the game when it’s on, so if you’re looking for a group of loyal UConn fans to cheer on the Huskies, these are your people. Hint: You can find these Huskies near the closest TV.

The UConn Alumni Employee

They know the ins and outs about what’s happening not only in Storrs, but in the place you now call home. Want the rundown of events happening throughout the year? Curious about how you can get more involved with UConn in your new city — whether that be through community service or leveling up in your career? They can help you with that, too. Pro tip: they usually have some pretty sweet swag in tow.

The Friend of a Friend

You read that right…not everyone at a UConn alumni event is a UConn alum! If you don’t want to walk into a room full of strangers alone, we get it. Bring along your friend who didn’t attend UConn. Anyone can be a part of #UConnNation (as long as they root for the Huskies, of course). You never know what doors could open or what friendships could form from hanging out with an honorary Husky.

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