Top Five Reasons to Participate in UConn Cares 2019

by Kristin Dumont

You’ll Be Making a Difference in Your Community.

“As a dietitian I know how important it is to support local communities that aren’t as fortunate as we are. I love to give back and wanted to help represent UConn in the process.” —Kelly Jones ’08 (CAHNR), Greater Philadelphia UConn Alumni Network

You’ll Serve as an Ambassador for UConn.

“I have had members of the community be surprised when I tell them that we get 20-30 alumni from a University 3,000 miles away to do projects that benefit our San Diego community.” —Ryan Foreman ’08 (CLAS), San Diego Alumni Network

You Can Reconnect with Your Husky Family.

“The UConn Cares events are so worthwhile, and they really allow folks to connect and reminisce with other alumni.” —Betsy Rolfe ’83 (BUS, CLAS), New Haven Alumni Network

You’ll Influence Others to Get Involved.

“This may be the spark that gets you more involved with different organizations in the future.” —Alyssa Suhr ’12 (CLAS), New York City Alumni Network

You’ll Leave with a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling.

“Whether you volunteer for blanket making, for a park clean up, or work in a soup kitchen, it is such a good feeling knowing that for those couple of hours you have done something to make a positive change in a life.” —Pam Oliva ’83 (CLAS), Hartford Alumni Network

Lend a Hand

Join fellow Huskies and make a difference in your local community during UConn Alumni’s national service month.

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