Why UConn Moms Are The Best Moms

All moms are great, but UConn moms (and those that are basically our moms!) are extra special.

Student calling her mom on the phone

She’s always a phone call away

She makes your long walk from the library to Towers less lonely.
Mom waiving to child from car

She’s your biggest cheerleader

Whether it’s your final paper or a championship game, she’s always your #1 fan.
Treat Yo' Self scene from Parks and Recreation

She always knows when you need a pick-me-up

From much-needed care packages to surprise Husky Bucks deposits, UConn moms know how to save the day.
Clothes falling out of the cabinet

She always has the best advice

Because there’s no shame in facetiming mom after you flooded the McMahon laundry room.
I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom

She loves you no matter what

Even after you told her the real reason your phone ended up in Mirror Lake.
We could stay here all day listing all of the reasons we are thankful for UConn moms. Show how grateful you are this Mother’s Day (hint: it’s on May 12th) with a gift that’s as thoughtful as she is.
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