How to Build a Perfect UConn Tailgate

Homecoming 2019 is right around the corner (Save the date for October 19!), and it’s bound to be the best one yet. We’ve got your tailgate covered—use this checklist to make sure you have all the essentials for a party that’ll get you hyped for the big game. 

Get Your Game Ticket 

That’s the whole reason we tailgate…right?  

Round Up Your Fellow Huskies 

You can’t have a party without your crew! Make sure the whole squad has cleared a spot in their calendars—they aren’t going to want to miss this. 

Make a Bomb Playlist 

Pack it with songs that’ll hype you up as you get ready to watch the Huskies dominate the field! 

Suit Up 

It’s time to represent your best white and blue! Go all out and show the Huskies that #UConnNation runs deep. 

Purchase Your Beverage of Choice 

Make sure you have everything necessary to crack open a cold oneCoolers, ice, cups, koozies…you don’t want to forget any of this! Because beer (or wine, cider, the list goes on…) and tailgating go together like burgers and fries—which brings us to our next order of business… 

Stock up on snacks 

You know a few bags of chips won’t fuel you up enough to cheer on your team. Pack up the grill and get cooking! Don’t forget the gas, spatulas, plates, napkins, condiments, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns…how about those crockpot dips? Tailgate BBQ is the best BBQ...so you can’t skimp on this! 

Does this sound like a lot of work? OK – we can simplify. 

You can skip all these steps and just head to Husky Brews before the gameEnjoy a buffet from Bear’s BBQ, live music, and tastings from a variety of local breweries—some of which are owned and operated by UConn alumni—right at Rentschler Field. We’ve even got your ticket to the game! All you have to do is show up. Easy, right?

Are you in?

Purchase your Husky Brews & Game Tickets before they run out!

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