Look at the impact you make!

By Grace Merritt | 2.5 minutes to read

In honor of National Philanthropy Month, we want to show you the profound impact you have on students. You open the door to a college education. You ease the burden on their families. You even inspire them to carry on the tradition of giving. Thank you!

“As the first child of a first generation, immigrant family, I have decided to pay for college on my own. Attending UConn has been quite pricey for me, so I spend most of my free time working. I was so thrilled to have received this award because it has allowed me to continue to attend UConn, which I have really grown to love.”

–Anna Yang ’21

New York, NY.


This scholarship makes a huge difference for me. I am a single mother who has worked full time on top of attending school full time so I can support my family. My dream has always been to help children in need and I want to make a difference for every student I teach, helping them achieve their goals.

–Ashleigh M. Eaton ’18, ’19

Windsor Locks, Conn.


“Through a series of challenges, including overlapping unemployment for my parents and my father’s cancer diagnosis, it was necessary to supplement my family’s finances with various kinds of aid. This award will make a massive difference. Becoming a teacher means the world to me and your generosity is key to me achieving this goal.”

–Clarey G. Pass ’19

Scarsdale, N.Y.


“I come from a lower, middle-class family household, with my mother on disability and a father who is out of the picture. This scholarship means the world to me. I am the first in my family to attend a four-year university.”

–Erika R. Murphy ’20

Enfield, Conn.


“I wanted to become involved in respiratory care drug development because my mother and sister suffer from asthma. I’d love to be on a team or the initial innovator in developing longer-lasting drugs. The scholarship you have awarded me encourages me to push through school so that I am able to make a difference in others’ lives.”

–Ariana K. Hawkins ’21

Maplewood, N.J.


“Support from people, organizations, and companies like you make a huge difference in our lives that will not be forgotten and is endlessly appreciated. Thank you a thousand times!”

–Alexis T. Hicks ’21

Hartford, Conn.


“The University of Connecticut, Stamford, gives students like me the opportunity to work in the real world gaining valuable, work experience, while still going to school full time. Your generosity helps me focus on my studies at the University of Connecticut.”

–Mathew N. Sokal ’19

Monroe, Conn. 


“This award will help bring me one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal of earning my PharmD and giving back to the community as a pharmacist. Just as one pharmacist saved my life a few years back, I hope to do the same for others.”

–Justyna S. Sudyka ’21

Dudley, Mass.


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